Demonstrated Expertise in Fixed Income and Equity Asset Management

Who We Are

Smith Graham & Co. Investment Advisors, L.P. ("SGIA") is an institutional investment management specialist headquartered in Houston with a full-service office in New York. Founded in 1990 with a team hailing from diverse backgrounds, our goal is to continuously deliver solutions that meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

With a 32-year heritage, we strive to enhance our core offerings in response to investors seeking greater diversification and opportunities.

We apply our conservative and repeatable investment processes to various asset classes, including U.S. fixed income and equities. Our highly-qualified teams have a history of preserving capital during down market cycles and benefiting from positive market trends, all while maintaining open and responsive communications with clients, which include some of the world's largest institutional investors.

In addition to executing our management mandates, SGIA also believes in giving back to the community. Our philanthropic commitments have been an essential part of the firm since our inception and continue to be part of our guiding principles. Our charitable work targets youth programs, arts and culture and health and education. In addition to financial donations, we share our time and skills with organizations and people in need.

Who We Serve

SGIA manages portfolios for a broadly diversified, institutional client base including public funds, corporations, endowments and foundations, sovereign wealth and Taft-Hartley funds.

Our Partnership Perspective

We view the client relationship as a partnership and, as such, strive to maintain a high level of responsiveness and understanding of our clients' specific objectives. Further, we see ourselves as an extension of each clients' operations and seek to add value though our investment management and client service teams.

Four cornerstones of success

People: Our teams are comprised of experts in various aspects of U.S. fixed-income and U.S. equity investments. We bring a comprehensive, seasoned and refined understanding of all areas of these markets.

Philosophy: The firm's overall investment philosophy has not changed since its founding in 1990. We believe that a disciplined focus on compelling relative value investments, with tight risk controls and risk management, will result in value-added performance over time.

Process: This philosophical commitment guides our risk-focused investment processes across all markets and interest rate cycles. Our proactive approach to risk management involves monitoring all portfolios on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to ensure performance and volatility remain within stated parameters while adhering to each area's specific investment philosophy.

Performance: Commitment to our People, Philosophy, and Process helps us deliver on our promise of value-added performance over full market cycles in our Core Fixed-Income Aggregate, Enhanced Cash, Small-Cap, Mid-Cap and Small/Mid-Cap Value equity products.